Knapp Chiropractic Center Dr. Christopher G. Knapp

Knapp Chiropractic Staff

Kathy Knapp

Kathleen Amato Knapp
Business Manager

As Business Manager at Knapp Chiropractic, Kathy does most of her work "behind the scenes." She is also employed by Crawford Central School District as a Substitute Teacher, Meadville Medical Center as a Sports First Aider, and as the Head Softball Coach at Meadville High School. Kathy and Dr. Knapp are the parents of five children.


Office Manager

Sondra has worked extensively in the health care field and is ready to guide you through your insurance policy questions with caring and efficiency. She and her husband are the parents of two young sons.



Ruth brings a variety of experience to Knapp Chiropractic. "Ruthie" is a people person who will enhance your chiropractic experience with her positive personality. Ruthie and her husband are the parents of one grown son and have three grandchildren.


It is our mission at Knapp Chiropractic to serve our patients in a safe and timely manner while offering affordable Subluxation based chiropractic care. Patient education is an ongoing process and will be a top priority in our office. We will provide our services to all people regardless of their ability to pay.



At Knapp Chiropractic contributing to health through the safe correction of Subluxations is the only reason for chiropractic practice. We teach that the innate wisdom of the body is always striving to correct any abnormal condition within the body and that Subluxation disturbs nerve function and modifies mental impulses; thereby diminishing the body's innate striving to regain and maintain its own health.



In accordance with the Law of nature, that Law which God has prescribed to all men; and in consequence to my dedication to restoration of the sick to health by the application of that Law, I promise to swear to keep, to the best of my ability and judgement the following oath:

I will observe and practice every acknowledged rule of professional conduct in relation with my profession, my patient, my colleague and myself.

I will keep an open mind regarding the progress of my profession, provided that this progression shall be confined within the boundaries of the Chiropractic Science, Philosophy and Art.

I will serve my patient to the best of my ability, violating neither their confidence nor their dignity, and in my association with patients I shall not violate that which is moral and right.

I shall regard and refer to my fellow Chiropractor with honor giving credit where it is due.

I shall improve my knowledge and skill, firm in my resolution to justify the responsibility which the degree of Doctor of Chiropractic symbolizes and imposes.

To all this I pledge myself, knowing these ideals are prescribed by the dictates of Reason alone.