Knapp Chiropractic Center Dr. Christopher G. Knapp
Dr. Knapp

I tell my patients that there are three
commitments that must be made in
order for them to receive optimum care.


The first commitment is from myself. I am 110% committed to you. If I see results, I will spread your visits out and release you to a wellness program of your choice. If I am unable to help you, I will let you know and coordinate your care with one of the many other physicians in the area that I work with.

The second commitment is from you, the patient. You have a commitment to keep your appointments. I ask this in order to be able to help you. If you have any concerns about what I am doing as your doctor you need to ask me so that I can help you understand.

The third commitment also comes from you. When you start to feel better, I want you to tell others about our approach to health. I have built my reputation on helping others and I am counting on you to spread the word.